Meet Ms. Dean

Dean's Cake House was founded by Dean Jacobs.
Dean’s Cake House was founded by Dean Jacobs in 1994. Since the days of working in a local grocery store, she has been selling her cakes through-out the deep south for almost over 20 years. At the age of 60, Jacobs’ put her faith in her cake recipes and opened her own bakery. Every cake is baked and iced individually in her cake house located in Andalusia, Alabama. Her 18 employees mostly made up of senior citizens, bake more than 400 seven layer cakes per day…plus brownies, cookies, fudge and several hundred two-layer cakes. Her cakes are not just popular to the local residents. Almost 60% of her customers are from out of state. Ms.Dean, also sponsors the Don Cotton Gospel Show heard on Opp’s WAMI, 102.3 FM radio station each Sunday morning. You can tune into WAMI Monday through Friday mornings to the Birthday Party segment and hear who wins the birthday or anniversary cake for that day. Ms. Dean has been featured in several newspapers and magazines. Click the article below to read it. presssmall2

Location Information

For location information, please contact our store at (334) 222-0459.

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Mon. – Fri. 7am – 4pm
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