Flora Impact Daylilies

Beautiful daylilies and more.

Flora Impact Daylilies, owned by Ricky and Cathy Jacobs, has been in operation for the past sixteen years. Ricky and Cathy, run the business with the help of their children: Bryan, Beth, Amy, Kimberly and D.J. Sales begins during blooming season, which is May and June. Flora Impact has an annual sale at the end of the blooming season. This sale runs the week ending in the first full weekend in June.

We have an extremely large variety of daylilies that we grow. Below the image gallery, you can see the full list.

You can contact us at:

Route 1, Box 7A
Wing, AL 36483
(334) 572-4176

We carry a large variety of daylilies. See the list below.

Absolute Treasure lilac and orchid
Admiral’s Braid white pink w/gold edge
Age of Gold brilliant gold self
Alabama Jubilee orange w/red halo
All Day Glow brown /brown halo
Almost Indecent lavendar double
Along the Way peach pink w/eye
Always Afternoon mauve w/purple eye
America’s Most Wanted yellow gold
Anastasia bright ruffled gold
Andrew Christian lemon yellow
Antique Lace cream self
Apollodorus 4 1/2 inch violet purple
Apple Crisp red bitone
Appleblossom appleblossom rose bitone
Arabian Magic purple w/white edge
Aramis fire engine red w/green throat
Arctic Blaze frosted ivory
Ardent Affair bright orange
Asian Pearl large peach
Avante Garde tan w/red orange eye
Awesome Blossom salmon rose w/plum eye
Baby Fresh 3 1/2 inch peach self
Baby Julia 2 1/2 inch peachy pink
Bama Bound dark red
Banana Republic yellow w/red eye
Band of Color yellow w/red eye
Barbara Mitchell pink
Beautiful Daydream melon blend
Becky Lynn 6 3/4 inch rose blend
Bela Lugosi 6 inch purple self
Ben Lee 4 inch smokey pink w/eye
Benchmark lavendar
Bengal Bay cream w/black eye
Bernadette pink w/rose eye
Beryl Quinn 6 inch dusty rose
Best Kept Secret pink w/coral halo
Best of Friends 6 inch pink
Bette Davis Eyes lavendar w/grape eye
Better Believe It pink w/rose eye
Betty Benz light pink self
Betty Jo apricot self
Betty Warren Woods ruffled cream yellow
Beulah Mae Windham cream w/yellow eye
Bewitching Charm yellow w/gold edge
Big Apple cerise red
Big Blue 6 1/2 inch lavendar
Big Brother 6 1/2 yellow self
Big Doc 7 inch yellow w/peach eye
Big Flirt yellow self
Big Kiss peach w/rose eye double
Bill Norris ruffled yellow gold
Bit More Class 5 inch lemon self
Bittersweet Holiday orange w/red halo
Black Ambrosia purple self
Black Watch black purple
Blackberry Candy 4 inch gold w/black eye
Blazoned Burgandy burgandy w/dark eye
Blood Spot 4 1/2 inch red
Blooming Idiot orange w/yellow ribs
Blue Happiness 7 inch rose pink
Bob Eaton red (single fan)
Bobbie Gerold pink double
Bold Black Eyes yellow w/black eye
Bonny Mae rose
Booger baby ribbon pink
Border Bride ivory w/dark eye
Borgia Queen silver lavendar w/blue eye
Brazilian Heat purple w/purple eye
Brazilian Orange soft orange
Brief Siesta gold self
Brocaded Gown 6 inch lemon cream
Buddha dark red
Buenos Aires large rose
Bunny Eyes pink w/gold edge and rose halo
Burning Inheritance orange red self
Bursting Loose apricot w/pink midribs
Buster rose
By Myself 6 1/2 inch light gold
Calais lilac self
Calistoga Sun light orange
Calypso Bay yellow pink w/gold edge
Cambio 6 inch peach blend
Cameo Painting pink blend
Cameron Quantz large cream
Cameroons burgandy purple
Candor near white
Caribbean Double Cinnamon cinnamon w/rose eye
Caribbean Pink Sands 6 1/2 inch pink self
Caribbean Reggae Moon tangerine double
Carlee Longman orange w/red halo
Carmen Marie pink w/darker veins
Catherine Folker 7 inch apricot yellow
Catherine Neal 6 inch purple self
Cause for Pause coral orange rose
Cee Tee pink w/darker edge
Celestial Serenade bright cerise rose
Chaleur lilac
Charles Johnston 6 inch red
Charming Ethel Smith double lavendar
Charms of Esther 6 1/2 inch coral blend
Chartwell purple
Cheddar Cheese ruffled gold
Cherished Treasure yellow washed peach
Cherokee Chief red orange
Cherokee Pass gold w/red eye
Cherry Chapeau rose bicolor
Cherry Eyed Pumpkin orange w/eye
Cherry Sundae 5 inch red self
Chestnut Mountain copper blend
Chicago Flapper red self
Child of Sunrise apricot w/pink edge
China Lake lilac rose
China Veil ivory blend
Chinese Scholar double red
Chosen Love 6 inch lavendar self
Chris Salter lavendar w/gold edge
Christmas Is Christmas red
Ciao 4 inch red w/green halo
Cindy’s Charm pink w/rose eye
Cindy’s Eye pink w/rose eye
Circle of Secrets 3 1/2 inch mauve w/?
Cleta Asta gold
Clifford Warren yellow green
Clothed in Glory mauve w/lavendar eye
Cloud Baron near white
Codie Wedgeworth pink self
Collector’s Choice 6 inch plum
Comanche’s Eyes cream w/rose eye
Condilla double gold
Connie Burton coral w/pink eye
Coral Cay rose w/coral blend
Country Fellow peach
Court Concubine pink
Court Magician purple w/lilac eye
Cozumel 4 1/2 inch orange red
Crush on You pink self
Cupid Calling red self